What is snorkeling

Snorkeling or navigating on the surface is an activity in which using mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit (optionally) we swim on the surface of the sea while admiring the underwater world without diving. No previous experience is needed and it is an activity for all ages. If you can swim and you love the sea, under the supervision of a PADI instructor you can enjoy the sea world.

Brief history of snorkeling
The human need to know what lies beneath the surface of the sea led him from the ancient times to try to invent devices that would enable him to look under water surface. The first reports of snorkeling come from the Minoan era and the times of Aristotle. Today, the development of technology and science gives us the opportunity to use advanced equipment of specialized materials that allow us to enjoy snorkeling.

The experience of snorkeling in Greece
Snorkeling in Greece is an experience that combines exploring, fun and mild sports activity. Snorkeling can be done from the beach or boat. Swimming on the surface gives us the chance to relax, admire the beautiful images and travel for a while in a magical world. The conditions for snorkeling in Greece are ideal, because of the clarity of the water and the friendly environment that prevails in the Aegean. Snorkeling vacations in Greece are considered to be unique since it combines beautiful sea, amazing architecture and traditional food.