Travel to the islands of myth and adventure

The seas of myth, freedom and the big blue. The Aegean and the Ionian. The epicentre of the Eastern Mediterranean, with 6,000 islands and islets. There are endless ways to get to know them: sailboat, yacht, catamaran. Whether with your own, rented, with a captain and crew, or without. Scuba diving, water sports, competitive sailing, rallies in the Aegean. Revitalising experiences, full of luxury, relaxation, authentic moments in traditional fishing ports, cosmopolitan Greek islands and unforgettable fun. From May until October the Greek seas are an open invitation for all!
Sailing in the Greek islands: freedom and adventure
The sailboat’s bow caresses the waves. The wind picks up – the Greek Meltemi winds are a constant challenge. You sail sideways to the wind. You fly over and above the wave, tilt and touch the sea foam. A synchronised dance with an experienced ‘partner’. But that is the essence of sailing the Aegean in the summer. A powerful adventure. A sense of freedom. You slow the pace, and then pick it up again. The next port awaits.